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Marcum-Hofstra CEO Survey
No. 1, 2022

Employee Retention and Stress

Four out of five middle-market CEOs say that employee retention and stress have become significant problems for their companies, according to the latest CEO survey from Marcum LLP and Hofstra University’s Frank G. Zarb School of Business. The survey was conducted in January.

A large majority (86.0%) of CEOs indicated they are having trouble retaining employees, with 43.2% saying employee retention has become a major concern.

In addition, 85.6% of CEOs recognize an increased level of stress among at least some of their employees, and nearly three-quarters (73.2%) are offering assistance to employees experiencing elevated levels of stress.

Question 1
Have you found it more difficult to retain employees in the recent months?
Question 2
Are you seeing increased levels of stress (for example, signs of burnout, etc.) among your employees?
Question 3
Does your company offer assistance to employees who are experiencing elevated levels of stress?
Question 4
What is the nature of the assistance your company offers to employees to help mitigate their stress?
Question 5
Has your business been impacted by rising costs during the current inflationary cycle?
Question 6
How have you managed increases in your costs?
Question 7
Are inflationary concerns impacting the business decisions you are making for the next year?
Question 8
What is your view of the current business environment?
Question 9
What are the most important influences for your business planning in the next 12 months?