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Marcum-Hofstra CEO Survey
No. 1, 2024

Leading Concerns for the Year Ahead - Top Priorities for 2024 - Projected Staffing Needs for the Upcoming Year

The latest edition of the Marcum-Hofstra University CEO Survey provides new insights into the viewpoints of middle-market CEOs. The survey highlights key trends and concerns for businesses, including political uncertainty, interest rates, the cost of capital, and the threat of an economic slowdown.

Among a broad range of issues, 45.3% of CEOs identify political uncertainty as a critical concern influencing their decision-making process and corporate strategy. This sentiment underscores the pressing nature of the political climate on business stability and growth. Moreover, CEOs continue to grapple with managing interest rates and the cost of capital while preparing for the potential repercussions of an economic downturn.

Question 1
Which external issues do you envision having the most impact on your business in the year ahead?
Question 2
Which of the following are your highest priorities for the year ahead?
Question 3
What do you anticipate will be your staffing needs over the year ahead?
Question 4
What is your view of the current business environment?
Question 5
What are the most important influences for your business planning in the next 12 months?