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Marcum-Hofstra CEO Survey
No. 5, 2023

Automation and Robotics in Company Operations - Cybersecurity Concerns - Concerns Regarding the Global Environment

The latest edition of the Marcum-Hofstra University CEO Survey indicates a shift in CEO optimism, with a decrease in those who view the business environment as "very positive." Despite this, over 41% of CEOs remain confident, staking themselves in the "positive" range, an over 5% increase from September. The overall weighted average outlook remains steady.

Economic concerns remain top of mind, with the percentage of CEOs indicating it as a top-3 concern increased to 57.6% from 49.8% in the September 2023 survey. Talent availability and the cost of materials and operations continue to have significant influences, albeit with a slight ease in the level of concern compared to earlier in the year.

Question 1
Which of the following best describes your company’s use of automation and robotics in the operation of your company?
Question 2
Which of the following best describes your company’s use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools?
Question 3
What are the top three reasons for your company’s interest or investment in automation/robotics or AI tools?
Question 4
Where do you feel your company stands regarding protection against cybersecurity threats?
Question 5
To what degree does the current global upheaval impact your business?
Question 6
What is your view of the current business environment?
Question 7
What are the most important influences for your business planning in the next 12 months?