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Marcum-Hofstra CEO Survey
No. 1, 2022

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Question 1
Have you found it more difficult to retain employees in the recent months?
Question 2
Are you seeing increased levels of stress (for example, signs of burnout, etc.) among your employees?
Question 3
Does your company offer assistance to employees who are experiencing elevated levels of stress?
Question 4
What is the nature of the assistance your company offers to employees to help mitigate their stress?
Question 5
Has your business been impacted by rising costs during the current inflationary cycle?
Question 6
How have you managed increases in your costs?
Question 7
Are inflationary concerns impacting the business decisions you are making for the next year?
Question 8
What is your view of the current business environment?
Question 9
What are the most important influences for your business planning in the next 12 months?