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Marcum-Hofstra CEO Survey
No. 3, 2020

Stimulus Loans and Diversity & Inclusion

More than half of middle-market CEOs say increasing racial diversity and inclusion is a top priority, and plan to examine their companies' policies in light of nationwide civil rights and social justice protests in recent months.

The survey of more than 250 CEOs nationwide uncovers how mid-market companies are handling the simultaneous challenges of surviving in the COVID-19 economy amid increasing calls for racial equality. 

Question 1
Has your business applied for a PPP and/or Main Street Lending loan?
Question 2
How has the PPP or Main Street Lending loan helped to stabilize your business?
Question 3
Is increasing racial diversity and inclusion in your company stated as a top strategic priority?
Question 4
Is your company considering its policies and procedures with regard to racial diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
Question 5
In what ways have current events regarding racial justice and equality impacted your company’s decision-making?
Question 6
What is your view of the current business environment?
Question 7
What are the most important influences for your business planning in the next 12 months?